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We have designed a starter Managed Web Design package that is tailor-made for small businesses!  This custom website design starter package is available for small businesses and individuals who are interested in building a professional and powerful online presence.  This package included domain name, custom website design, and website hosting for 1 year with SSL installed all in one price.

Come work with us to create your beautiful website today!  You will get to work closely with your web designer and developer who will work exclusively with you on your custom site.  This startup website solution while affordable will provide you with a high-quality customized website fitted to your brand.

Our website design and development process takes only 6 easy steps

Our Starter Web Design Package was developed entirely with you in mind.  You want a beautiful website and have no technical skills or helping you achieve your online goals

You can check your website's progress at any time of the day or night. You’ll also get to communicate directly with the designer and developer whenever you want to. You can use the opportunity to send all relevant files to your designated team, update them on new design concepts and give them your feedback. You can also give out directions on how you want your website to be designed and developed on an ongoing basis

With this starter package has everything you need
to get  your website up and running live on the internet.

Get ready to launch your
website in less than 4 weeks!

Our StarterWeb Design and Development Package Includes:

  • Hosting
  • Your website will be hosted for one year on our servers. Our servers are powered by 12 Xeon i7 Intel core processors. To keep latency at its lowest we use 2 SSD drives and 5 spin drives for DDR3 memory. We have the best solid-state reliability the industry has to offer and our page load speeds are impeccable. We offer a 99.9% assurance that your website will be up 24/7. The website can also be t scaled to meet your company’s needs. 

  • Domain Name
  • We offer you your first 12 months free including registration. We have many domain names that you can choose from, all you have to do is pick one and let us handle everything else.

  • Custom Emails
  • We can provide your business with a maximum of 1,000 email sends. You can use these to receive and send custom-named emails like

  • SSL Certificate
  • We will provide you with a yearlong SSL certificate to keep passwords and other private information on your website safe. Anyone who visits your site will do so with confidence as they will know that your website will protect any information they enter via your website. SSL certification (HTTPS) will also improve your rankings on Google search results.

  • Your Personal IP
  • One year of Personalized Hosting IP includes offering you your own IP address.  You won’t have to share your IP with anyone else. This means you will always get direct access to your company’s website even if you’re still planning to add SSL certification or if your DNS records are undergoing propagation.

  • Web Design
  • We will custom design a 5-page website for you. These could be a homepage and “about us”, “contact us”, “blog” or portfolio pages. These are just the standard pages included in this package and not the limit. If you want more pages we can provide you with a quote for those. Your designer will create each page layout and all graphics to meet just what you have in mind for your website. We also have thousands of stock images that you can choose from. If you prefer using your own images you can send these to us and we will do all the necessary edits for layout on your website.

  • Web Development
  • We handle every aspect of your website development for you. From basic HTML code up to creating form pages that perform call-to-action tasks. This will allow you to focus more on growing your business without having to worry about the website.

  • AddOns!
  • We offer a monthly fee content management system (CMS) that allows you to add or update your website’s content. Our custom built Missio CMS has a user-friendly interface that will make managing your website content a breeze. We ensure that your website always runs smoothly. We will offer you 6 months’ worth of one hour updates each month if you want them. Another extra is that you will get SEO optimization. This means we will do a comprehensive review of all your content and its titles to make sure your site will rank high when we submit it to all major search engines.  After 6 months our monthly package starts at $99.00 per month

  • $775.00
  • All you need is *$775.50 to start your project today! The remaining balance of $775.00 will be due when we complete you approve your final project and before the Live Launch of your brand new website!




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