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Web Design Trends

You may be familiar with responsive parallax and HTML5 design by now. Although we are huge fans of incorporating these design choices when appropriate the website architecture for SEO value and accessibility remains our key focus. The style and design of your website are usually the first thing a user notices, therefore you want it to be appealing, professional, and balanced. Our designers work with our clients to create just the right look and feel to support their branding and web content strategies. Depending on your needs, our graphic designers can also create logos, images, and other digital design elements.

Network Handlers Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the website design methodology of designing your website for multiple devices. There are many user experience advantages to adopting responsive web design concepts which will allow your website to perform optimally regardless of device. Responsive web design does not water down your SEO efforts. People connect to the web across all kinds of devices, so it is important to make sure your website is responsive.

We build your site with responsive design to ensure it will look and perform well whether it is being accessed on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Parallax Design

Network Handlers Parallax Design

Parallax Design incorporates web content on a single page, at the user’s fingertips, and if done correctly, leads a consumer through the storytelling process. These days, more and more websites are adopting some type of parallax storytelling design. Although it can be a challenge from an SEO perspective for a parallax, we are finding that when we incorporate elements of parallax design as part of the website, many websites see improvements in conversion rates.

Network Handlers HTML Website Design

HTML Website Design

With HTML5 slowly making its way into the design community spotlight, as the next big thing in web design, SEO is still the main concern.

HTML5 designs can be beautiful, interactive, and inspirational, but if not programmed properly, it can be an SEO challenge as Google will read the webpage as empty. So make sure you work with a company with proven SEO expertise.

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