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Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway is a merchant service tool used for ecommerce solutions that are either online stores, bricks and clicks or brick and mortar traditional stores. It allows merchants to authorize credit card payments for e-commerce transactions. So if you accept or want accept credit card payments online, you would need a payment gateway. We work with multiple payment gateway solutions to help you give your customers multiple payment processing options to make a purchase(s) faster. Our skilled team of developers have many years and deep experience integrating these various payment gateway securely for our clients. We work with our clients to understand their need and then by based on customers' requirements, we recommend the best technology solution to provide the best payment processing experience for customers.

Tools & Technologies Used


The reliability of a payment gateway is a must for any ecommerce website like retail stores, ticketing sites, etc. which allows users to conduct financial transactions from anywhere using multi platform like laptop, smartphone, tablet or other compatible mobile device.

We can also implement additional layer of security payment gateways like requiring CVV (Card Verification Value) or AVS (Address Verification Number) code as additional layer of security to prevent online fraudulent transactions by less savory characters like hackers. With payment gateways integrated directly into your website and integrated with your personal or business bank account there is no need to visit a bank or physically visit a store to make payments for online purchases.

The payment gateway will assist you to have:

  • Secure online transactions by utilizing industry-standard encryption to effectively protect sensitive data for both the merchant and customers.
  • Multi-currency, real time transactions though debit and credit cards
  • Expand the merchant/store customer based by allowing shoppers both local and around the world to access your store for purchases.
  •     Faster transaction processing. A payment gateway is much faster than manual processing without waiting in line to purchase
  • Real time reporting and reconciliation
  • Customized user experience for the payment solution
  • Powerful fraud management system
  • Automatic recurring billing option for subscription services
  • Alternative payment options

We employ hardware and software encryption to provide added layer of security to your sensitive information such as credit card numbers to ensure that the financially important information passes between you and your clients in a perfectly secure manner.  Please reach out to us today for any questions you may have.

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