From Details to the Big Picture

We know it is. As a business owner you are all about the details. Whether you need to replace an old server, or deploy a new one, a thorough attention to detail is curicial. At Network Handler’s our experienced NET Team always look at the big picture when they assess your network to recommend a solution. In addition, virtualization is a key component to our network designs. Server virtualization in particular provides reliability and scalability to your business.

Server Deployment and Virtualization

At Network Handlers we bring years of experience to network migrations. Our NET team will help match your network infrastructure with your needs, even as those needs change. We are a VMWare certified partner, and have used their proven virtualization technologies to build networks that scale. We also offer cost-effective upgrades and consolidation of servers. What does this mean for your business? Seamless and efficient integration.

Server Virtualization

With VMWare, the market leader in virtualization, you can use one server machine to run multiple copies of Windows operating systems. For businesses that need increased redundancy and disaster preparedness, VMWare makes fail-over server coverage possible.

Workstation Virtualization

Are you a business owner who is embracing remote work? Our workstation virtualization services can support you! Workstation virtualization can “host” your desktops on the servers of your network. This is a great service if you have a highly mobile workforce, widely varied workstation configurations, or if you just want to eliminate the risk of data loss on laptops. With workstation virtualization, your employees’ laptops, desktops, and thin clients become “terminals” instead of drives that house data, which are more susceptible to theft and hardware failure.

Server Migration / Lifecycle Management

With Network Handlers’s refined tools and techniques, retiring server hardware that has reached its warranty, speed, or capacity limits is a fast, painless process. A server upgrade from us doesn’t have to include a visit to every workstation, or other major changes to the network. We work with you as an owner or manager of your business to ensure that the business needs come first, and technology reliably serves those needs.

Moving Offices

Are you relocating to a new office, or you need your current office set up with the latest technology? Here’s what one of our customers had to say about our network services.

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