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Mobile App Development

Industries we cater for

Our services are available for businesses across a wide range of industries and are delivered according to the stipulated specifications. The industries we cater to are the healthcare, education, and eCommerce industry just to name a few. All solutions provided by us are above industry standards and Network Handlers brings world-class service to any project.  We can tackle all types of projects and customize them to your needs and requirements. Network Handlers have a wide range of skills and abilities that are ready and willing to take on your website and mobile app development project.


The 4th industrial revolution is bringing great change to even the education industry through the way students receive instruction and the courseware they use to use to study. With a more digitalized approach to keep students engaged, the need for different apps ranging from eBook platforms, social channels for students and teachers to connect, and even AI apps to make studying more interactive and personalized.  Apps for teachers to easily plan their lessons and the resources they are going to use can be customized according to each need. We can also develop apps intended for students to improve their study time.

Property & Real Estate

We understand the needs of your Real Estate and Property focused business. We also know the frustrations most customers face when using online platforms that service this industry. With that information, we can take your real estate and property business to greater heights with high-end digital platforms. Ask us to develop your property comparison website and app that has a great user interface and relays all information clearly. You can also automate your daily tasks by notifying us of the personal requirements that you would like for your app. We aim to deliver any type of app that you require for the success of your property & real estate business.


Any healthcare professional works with a system to keep track of things like patient files, staff shifts and contact details, and appointments or they simply need a website created. No matter the size of your healthcare business, you can get a personalized app or website to better suit the needs of your practice. Getting a suitable app and website will help healthcare professionals focus on the more important tasks of their jobs, taking care of patients and prescribing medication. Some may also need an app to manage their patients’ prescriptions and a mobile app can be very effective in that regard.

Events & Ticketing

Online bookings are starting to gain more and more traction nowadays and a platform to manage those bookings and customer-end apps needs great craftsmanship. You also need a website that is integrated with your booking system for easier booking and management of all your online payments, bookings, and coupons. If you are an events manager or ticket-selling website, you need to employ the services of experienced professionals. Network Handlers has vast experience in the events & ticketing industry which guarantees impeccable solutions. Customize your apps however you need with us and we will deal will all the technicalities.


Populate your domain with a high-quality site related to your automotive and transportation business. With the latest technologies we use, your business will be on the road leading it to the objectives and goals predetermined by you. Apps integrated with your fleet management system can be developed by Network Handlers as well as other apps to simplify your logistics business. Tracking software can also be integrated into a simplified mobile app to check up on your automotive vehicles real time. Whatever your needs are in this industry, we can work around a solution to make your business a success.

Gaming & Leisure

Unlock your target audiences' gaming world with high-end digital app games with great graphics that are up to date with industry trends. We develop Android, iOS, and Windows mobile games that improve the gaming experience of the user. There is never a dull moment with gaming and leisure apps developed by Network Handlers. Whether you need a 3D-modeled app or just a simple 2D for pure enjoyment and excitement, we can get it all done for you. We also understand that the gaming industry is also starting to be infested by educational games and that is part of what we do.

Insurance, Finance & Banking

Banks need secure apps for their customers to conduct their day to day transactions and also transactions that would require a trip to the bank. Simply the life of your customers by getting an app with a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. We use UI/UX principles to create the best banking and finance apps that make it easy for clients to manage their accounts. Network Handlers is here to help you create the best app for any finance, banking, and insurance needs. We don’t only focus on the appearance of the app but also the security and accessibility are paramount, especially for this sector.

Food & Restaurant

Fast food deliveries are mostly centered around mobile apps that customers use to place an order and expect to get a delivery quickly. Apps used for this purpose should be user-friendly, and simplify the process of ordering and settling the bill for that payment. We can integrate navigational software to provide the company with accurate information pertaining to the address of the customer. Our team of experts can also integrate almost any type of payment to any website or mobile app. While on the company end, it is easy to handle and process all orders, preventing the situation of mixed up orders.

E-Commerce, B2B & Retail

It doesn’t matter whether your business is a B2B enterprise or it is retail, selling directly to consumers, you can flip your business to be a digital one. By taking the first step and creating a website app purposed to be an online store, you will be on the path to being a fully-fledged eCommerce trader. However, it doesn’t have to end there, you can also grow by developing a mobile app for faster browsing through your product range and even seal the deal right there and then. Digitalizing your business like that will grow your business exponentially and derive more profit.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel agencies are slowly getting replaced by online travel comparison websites and apps with booking features. Who would like to stand in line for his turn to book a flight ticket and hotel when he would simply go online and within a few clicks wrap up his itinerary?  Indeed, technology is taking over the travel industry by storm so don’t get left out in the cold, rather ask Network Handlers to handle all your travel website and hospitality needs. You envision the sort of service you need and we ensure that it becomes a reality with our personalized mobile app development skills.

Service Marketplace

Network Handlers have cracked the code on customer expectations and ultimately understand the customer’s perspective. With that in mind, mobile apps are developed with the intention to make customers enjoy their experience with that mobile app or website. Because of that, we are enabled to develop and use marketplace development solutions to better suit your business needs as well as your personal needs. Making your app enjoyable to customers will go a long way in enhancing the customer journey which can drive your customer to generate some user-generated content on your behalf. Needless to say how much that will benefit your marketing campaign, but it all starts with a consumer-friendly website and mobile app.


Keep up with the latest trends in your respective industry by getting on-demand solutions that will keep you on top of your competition. Network handlers will work on your app with the latest industry standards and even supersede them. We offer the latest development technologies for your app and website for all leading industries that need these services. You can also ask us to update your website or mobile app to match the latest trends and we will gladly do it for you. There is no need to get stuck in the stone age, with Network Handlers you will always be in the loop with what’s new and what can be implemented to make your software up to date.

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If you need professional, quick, and effective mobile app and website solutions, contact us and inform us of your requirements. Get a quote on your envisioned personalized website or mobile app by letting us know what you precisely need for your app. We guarantee top quality service at all times and that your project will be completed in a timely manner. Don’t worry about the technicalities, you only have to tell us what you need it to be like and we will work towards your goal and offer valuable input whenever needed. For now, just take the step to ask for our help, we will be very delighted to help your business grow and prosper on the net.

Non-profit organization's 

Our services can help your organization in a number of ways. One of these is raising more awareness about your cause. Nowadays, more people use the Internet to share or receive almost all of their information. Our development services will help you reach a lot of people faster and more efficiently. People will want to know where their donations or other aid will go beforehand and nothing can provide them with this information faster than a high-quality website or app. Another benefit that you'll get from our services is streamlined payments from your supporters. We can help your organization receive payments electronically through various well-known service providers.

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