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Network Handlers will help you get your products and services in front your customers using PPC dollars with Google Ads and Bing Ads for ECommerce.  We work hard to generate sales through online shopping campaigns freeing you up to focus on the other important parts of your business.   Whether you need Google Ads Search or an Integrated Google Shipping PPC Ads and Remarketing campaign, Network Handlers can help.

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E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategies

With nearly every marketing operation now happening online, Ecommerce marketing, specifically e-commerce digital marketing, maybe a proven tactic for driving brand awareness and merchandise orders for all kinds of businesses.

It is often tough for the average person to differentiate between the varied types of digital marketing use s today. With e-commerce digital marketing, your company can use cost-effective channels like email, search, and social media to grow your business.

Ecommerce marketing and digital marketing aren't mutually exclusive. Ecommerce websites can use all of the available digital channels to market, a product and grow their business. Ecommerce marketers can use social media, search engines, digital content, and email campaigns to attract visitors to purchases online.

Before we dive into more detail about what digital e-commerce marketing strategies are and how to implement a strategy of yours let's talk about eCommerce marketing.

E-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategies

E-Commerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is the practice of generating sales, awareness, and brand loyalty for an online store and e-commerce. Marketing for e-commerce businesses uses strategies like email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO),  and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce

We'll break down ideas on how you can level up your eCommerce business with the most popular digital marketing strategies in 2021. The top strategies include:

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce
Develop Personalized Landing Pages

you should start by defining clearly the buyers you’re trying to appeal to. Then, break those buyers into subsets. As an example, don’t just say you would like to draw in women—think about what sort of women buy your products? Do you think most of your customers are mothers? Are they curious about certain sports or hobbies? Do they care about certain issues just like the environment or gender equality?

Now, develop specific, personalized landing pages for every demographic group.

This will take time—after all, each landing page must contain a completely original copy. But by creating a copy that's specific to every segment of your target demographic, you'll create a sales funnel that feels individualized and increase the performance of your e-commerce marketing plan.

Develop Personalized Landing Pages
Social Media

Think managing your social media is as easy as posting content once or twice a day? It’s not. When it involves social media, your marketing strategy shouldn’t be to do it. you would like to return up with a plan... and one that works.

Every social platform features a specific audience. If you’re a web fashion retailer, you almost certainly won’t get most of your sales from LinkedIn, which serves more of a B2B (business to business) audience. Instead, you’ll specialize in visual platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You need to share user-generated content. That’ll help build customer loyalty and help lighten your workload a touch. Create a social calendar. If you discover Wednesdays get the foremost engagement, you would possibly prefer to share a video on Instagram that day. As videos tend to urge high levels of engagement. As you work out what quite content your audience responds to, you'll better optimize your social calendar for max results. The advantage of pre-planning your social strategy is that it helps you maintain consistency and balance in your marketing activities.

Social Media
Elevate Your E-commerce SEO

When you’re looking to buy online, how does one find new products to buy? If you’re like most people, you almost certainly start by heading to your choice of program (Google, Bing, etc.), entering your query, and seeing what pops up. That’s how people shop online lately, and that’s what makes it so critical to possess proper optimization or SEO.

To be blunt, the advantage of e-commerce SEO is this: you would like search engines like Google to display your products before they display your competitors’ products.

There are many things you can do to optimize SEO for an e-commerce website. You'll upload images that have proper alt-text, or that your page titles use common search terms. But having the simplest e-commerce SEO isn’t easy. Truly effective e-commerce SEO requires going over your site from top to bottom with a fine-tooth, SEO-enabled comb.

Elevate Your E-commerce SEO
Content Marketing

One of the foremost popular marketing strategies is content marketing. It helps keep acquisition costs low. But it’s also great at “warming up” leads. What does that mean? It means not everyone is going to be able to buy from you the very first time they visit your website. However, your content can perform as a relationship builder. The more of your content someone sees, the more familiar the potential customer becomes together with your brand. Eventually, that familiarity may result in sales. Like SEO, it’s a touch of a long-term play.

Content marketing serves multiple purposes beyond acquisition though. It also can educate your customers so that they will improve their performance within the niche. For instance, if you run a hair extension store, you'll create hair tutorial videos together with your hair extensions. This may help your customers look more beautiful using your hair extensions but also keep them using your product.

Content is available in many forms like blog posts, videos, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, infographics, polls, templates, quizzes, and more.

Use Smart Email Marketing

Content marketing and SEO can get people to your website, but they won’t certainly buy. Most of them won’t. 99% of first-time visitors to a site won’t make a sale. This suggests you’ll get to continue points of contact to further non-buyers into customers — and customers into brand loyalists. One of the simplest ways to try to this is often e-commerce email marketing.

You certainly do some email marketing already, with things like seasonal promotions and monthly newsletters being quite common. But a correct e-commerce email marketing strategy includes emails and lots more.

Use Smart Email Marketing
Build a Mobile App

How many times have you ever been browsing a site on your phone then had to modify it to a computer to order your product? If you would like to require mobile one step further, consider building your e-commerce app for iPhone and Android. There are several benefits to having an app for your e-commerce business. Apps load more rapidly than websites so that users can shop more efficiently. You'll also send push notifications through apps to notify customers once you are having purchase or when their favorite item is back available. If your business is already established and you're trying to find ways to still develop your brand, building an app may be an excellent way to boosting sales and drive growth.

Build a Mobile App

While giveaways and contests are likely not getting to be a daily activity in your digital marketing strategy, they ought to still be included. Even having four contests and giveaways a year can yield big returns for your brand. Especially if you employ tools like Raffle Copter and Gleam, which permit social sharing and following as ways to check-in for your giveaway.


You might’ve noticed that each one of those marketing strategies overlaps with the other. Content marketing overlaps with SEO. The digital marketing strategy isn’t only about picking one channel, method, or tactic. Combining several marketing strategies is what’ll drive the very best level of growth. Each of those strategies works together to assist you to achieve your marketing goals. So, if you’re looking to experiment with user-generated content you would possibly also mix in some influencer marketing or run a giveaway to precise marketing strategies we recommended during this article.

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