When I had spent in excess of $10,000 on trying to improve the page rank of my website and hadn’t seen any discernible impact, I knew I had to rethink my internet marketing strategy of marking my business’ online presence.

There were two options that I had:

  1. Forget my loss and shut down the website.
  2. Change my online marketing partner.

My website wasn’t new but it wasn’t old either. Going by the promises made by my agency (the one I chose for my digital marketing campaign), it should have been ranked at least on the second page of Google by now. I knew that online marketing takes time to show results and this is the reason I wasn’t expecting more than Google page 2 now. But my website was nowhere and something had to be done.

I sat down to think – option 1 meant no going back and option 2 meant putting in another sizeable amount of money (if not to the tune of what I had lost already). My auto parts business is not the largest in my city and I had to have a tight budget all the time. Someone sold the idea of online marketing to me and I grabbed the bait – the rest is as all of you have read till now.

After much deliberation, I decided I had to go for option 2. As an entrepreneur, I’m not averse to taking risks.

Anyway, I had to get started… the first thing I did is terminate the contract with my agency. It wasn’t an easy decision but I knew I had to do it. My contact at the agency obviously tried her best to retain me but I could sense that they had lost the battle.

While searching for a new partner, the name of Network Handlers was suggested by an associate of mine. I did my research and decided to call to enquire. I was impressed with the way I was questioned but tagged along. Soon, I had a blueprint of the plan in my email.

At the same time, I also went through the same exercise with 3 more agencies and I now had 4 proposals in my email. I did further research and made a few calls and it was now between Network Handlers and another agency. A few client testimonials tilted my decision in favor of the former. The contract was signed and work was restarted.

“Once bitten and twice shy” was exactly my condition as Network Handlers and I started executing the strategy. Everything they did gave me the déjà vu feelings. But I had to say that these people were professionals. The way they talked and the way they shared their plan had something different about them. We soon had the project running full tilt.

It’s been 6 months with Network Handlers now and I’m glad I chose them. My website is almost nudging its way to Google Page 1. I am benefitting from seeing new customers and I should thank my agency (going by what made my new customers come in).


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