Using traffic increases, trending of keywords, social media followers and email subscribers are all well known forms of tracking metrics. However, a sales predictor of sales would be more effective. Having an increase of sales will, in effect, increase your income and will increase the popularity of your business. Increasing sales leads is an effective form of marketing but, it can also be quite challenging. This article will assist you in learning what a sales deal is and how to create an effective one and where and through what process can a lead be found. 


A Sales Lead- What is it?

The correct term for an online “sales lead” is in actual fact a “lead.” A lead is a person who has an interest in the product or service that you are providing. This person is also referred to as a potential buyer. Your leads are hardly ever any stranger. A lead is a person is someone who has interest in your product or service and has the potential to purchase from your business. This is usually determined by a statistic characterizing human populations, a mere interest, previous purchases and their shopping habits. In all your leads you need to be able to determine which of them are the most important or qualified ones. Qualified leads are ranked by their ability to actually purchase the product or service, their interest of the product or service and their awareness of your product or service. Demographics, a lead’s personal preferences and their prior shopping habits are effective tools to use in order to determine the ranking of your leads. While ranking your sales leads, you will find that there are two types of ecommerce marketing: b2c ecommerce and b2b ecommerce.


B2C Sales Leads

B2C sales leads means refers to “business-to-consumer” sales leads. There are two categories of qualifications involved in this type of ecommerce marketing: marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads. The marketing-qualified leads category is usually the most popular category in which most leads tend to be in. The interest that these leads have in your product is uncertain however, they are receptive to your marketing strategy and stand a chance of buying the product or service. On the contrary, a sales-qualified lead is a person who is the perfect match for your product or service, they have also displayed a lot interest or product or service you are providing and is able to purchase from you immediately. Sales-qualified leads seem to be more valuable than marketing-qualified leads but it may seem as if it is not easy to acquire more sales-qualified leads. 


Increasing B2C sales leads

  1. Social media and social groups 

Social networking has created communities where people are ready to purchase items and services. By working hard to be a useful as possible on social media and in groups that will also help you to pitch your business’s services and products.


  1. Effective Email pitches 

An email pitch needs to be customized for each receiver. This helps the leads to be better. By appealing to the public, you may find ones who are interested in the product or service you are providing. 


B2B Sales Leads

B2B sales leads refer to “business-to-business” sales leads. B2B purchasers have recently shown that they are the ones who take more initiative in researching and choosing what to purchase, with minimal or no input or influence from the seller. In order to increase sales, you need to fully understand the kinetics of B2b sales that will help you thrive in your business. B2b sales are companies who sell their products and services to businesses. They usually have a higher value of orders and have longer periods of sales cycles. The modern day cycles of B2B ecommerce is slightly different from the old form of B2B sales which included you as a business pitching your products or services to other businesses. Now, the potential purchaser identifies an issue or need and then performs online research for a potential service or product provider and then they might reach out to you to complete the sale. Thus, B2B ecommerce is not predictable. Due to the fact that B2B buyers conduct research them online, then it would be more effective for business owners to make use of digital technologies and social sales to improve their businesses. This form of ecommerce marketing can have risks. There is a vast amount of information available to the potential buyer online which may lead them to not needing the assistance and interaction with a vendor which may result in a diminished influence of the person providing the product or service. Also, potential buyers become increasingly skeptical of the trustworthiness of sales. Social media has a strong influence and upper hand over the potential buyer’s decision making. However, these challenges can be overcome. 


How To Overcome B2B sales challenges

  1. Help the potential buyers to make good decisions.

B2B buyers need content to assist them in the purchasing process. You need to create a content library in order to provide the buyers with accurate information about your business and its products and services. Include the prospects of your salesmen in the content library.

  1. Place good spokespeople for your business

B2B buyers are becoming increasingly skeptical of brands and ecommerce marketing. They feel the need to interact with a salesperson that will listen to them and provide for their needs. Your salespeople, as your spokespeople, need to create and share accurate content that has liable information and assists in the decision making of the buyer. 

  1. Sales and marketing should work together

Your marketing sector should contribute assets to your salespeople so that they can use those assets to create more quality leads. Always make meetings between the two teams to dictate and delegate their joint efforts and assignments 



The b2c ecommerce and b2b ecommerce need proactive efforts in order to find sales leads and assist with their needs. Interact with your buyers and build good relationships with them. These techniques, strategies and information mentioned above will assist you in acquiring new sales leads for your business.


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