Today one-third of the world’s population communicates via cellphones. One-third out of the cellphone users browse the net using their cellphones. It is estimated that in two more years, this cellphone browsing users’ population would have increased by two and a half times. Taking the current population of the earth as 2.4 billion people, the number of browsing population will be 1.7 billion. With this strong shift in the paradigm, your current website should definitely get ready to take the advantage of mobile services.

We offer you the possibility to jump onto the future bandwagon of the mobile services and launch your presence on the mobile web. Same as our conventional websites, our mobile websites are founded on painstaking research and analysis, and offer the top-grade web design, process and SEO optimization. We realize the divergence between computer and mobile phone users, and design the subject of your website, consequently.

We distinguish between platforms and redesign your present website to make it harmonious with mobile handsets; with optimized content display and navigation for the mobile phone user. We regard optimization as the key. Research declares that a dreadful mobile content can put off users from visiting a site for at least twelve months, which could be possibly ruinous for a business. This is exactly why all our mobile sites are integrated with codes for detection, which tell the site to display a custom version of the pages specifically oriented for that particular device.

Our new mobile services websites offer the best usefulness & device convenience. They also come outfitted with best practices of mobile SEO implementation and discipline. In pure mathematical terms the possibility offered by mobile web browsing, and its encircling applications is unlimited. In fact, it is innocuous to say that your Internet presence is rudimentary without mobile compatibility. So if you do not have a website targeted to the mobile, consider having one today!

The growth of Smartphones has had a vast consequence on social and technological trends. People no longer use their phones only to receive or make calls; instead they transfer their entire universe in their mobile phones, even using them as alternatives to computers. All this has become achievable with mobile applications, which have developed to the extent that they now offer faster and richer user experience. The experience that includes actions such as going online, handling social networks, playing games, checking email, location-based services, listening to music, and much, much more.

We offer you an opportunity to cash-in on the situation, and get your grip onto this nascent segment. We offer you all kinds of mobile app marketing, including banners and tagged or full-page ads. We cater to all the major mobile platforms, including Google Android, Apple iPhone /iPad, Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry. We offer methods for cross platform App marketing that can help you spread your Apps across a wide range of hand-held gadgets. In short we are your single window solution to your entire mobile App marketing needs and solutions. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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