Artificial intelligence has led to the birth of various other technologies such as bots, self-driving cars and many other technologies that are revolutionizing the technology industry. There are many industry-specific applications such as the health sector with the da Vinci robotic surgery procedure that it powered by AI to conduct surgeries in tight spaces. Kira Systems developed software that conducts due diligence in the legal department. In the educational sector, AI has brought change with the conception the iTalk2Learn System16 which tests mathematical knowledge, cognitive function and emotional wellbeing. 

However, the most practical application of AI you have probably seen is on the internet in website development, it has affected the development of websites and made the internet more accessible. If you consider it carefully, you may realize that AI and Bots have been in front of us for a long time. So how have these technologies affected web development? Here are the key uses of AI in website development and their benefits:

User Interface & User Experience

User Interface & User Experience (UI & UX) are integral parts of your website, without them, you won’t get the response expected from your potential clients. However, on the other hand, if your website is easily navigable and has an appealing appearance, potential clients will enjoy staying on your site. AI has had a great impact on that because certain programs have the ability to turn a digital graphic to fully functional HTML code.

A great example of this is the Sketch2Code program which can understand handwritten website designs. Sketch2Code is powered by Microsoft AI and has simple prompts to complete your HTML code from your design. The great part about this software is that it is free of charge 

Voice Search

Searching the internet using your voice gained popularity with Siri, an iOS-based AI program that uses voice recognition software. The results of the implementation of this has been immense and the most important benefit is that it makes the lives of internet users easier. Other players that have joined in the race of developing voice recognition software powered by AI include Google, with Google Dictation and Amazon with Alexa. These companies have made it more accessible to all internet users to use their voice to initiate searches.

When developing a website, there are certain points that developers should be aware of. For example, developers should work on conversational long-tail keywords that have a high probability of being searched with speech. In conjunction with carefully chosen long-tail keywords, your website should also load quickly for you to improve your SERP rating. 



To retain your existing customers, you need to ensure that you get back to them promptly when they have consumer queries. Using chatbots on your site can improve your sales margins by resolving those consumer queries and keeping the conversation alive for 24-hours each day. Machine Learning, a subset of AI, can be used to improve these bots or alternatively you can settle for the most common chatbots. Most major websites have a chatbot, especially eCommerce stores because consumers shop all around the world in different time zones. Having a chatbot will prevent the online traffic you get on your site to convert to your competitors.


Personalized Experience

Another useful application of AI and bots in website development is personalizing the experience of your audience. Consumers are getting smarter and can sense a sales pitch from a mile away, as a result, marketing strategies turned to personalization. To effectively market your products, you can incorporate AI technologies in your website development. Those technologies will monitor and keep track of your clients' previous purchases and search history. The data will then be used to create unique email marketing content, social content and other digital marketing material that is individually selected to fit the needs of your audience.

Using AI and bots in the website development process is not just a luxury anymore but it is slowly becoming a necessity. It can be used to improve the appearance and usability of your website. It can play an important part in improving your sales by attracting new customers and retaining current ones. These technologies will improve the engagement between you and your clients to a whole new level, benefitting you and your clients as well.



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