Your brand's online presence should be regularly watched in this time where most product and service research is done online.

It's more crucial than ever for local company owners to pay attention to their internet reputation.

Customers can quickly determine whether they believe in your brand, products, or services by taking a fast look at your brand's internet presence. Additionally, a new or returning customer's decision to choose you over a rival can be influenced by your internet reputation.

1. Make your website mobile and search engine friendly

"81% of people conduct internet product or service searches."

Even though most businesses recognize the value of having a website, it's crucial to make sure it's optimized to ensure maximum visibility on search engines.

Use relevant keywords that clients would use to find a company like yours while you're creating content for your website or displaying products. Create a Google Business Listings page as well, and be sure to fill up all the fields with the correct information, including the phone number, address, website, position on a map, photos, and reviews. This can demonstrate your reliability and increase the likelihood that buyers will see and visit your website.

Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. More and more people are using their cell phones to conduct daily tasks like mobile payments and searches. It's crucial for user experience, but it's also crucial to make sure prospective buyers can discover you because more people are searching for goods and services on smartphones than on computers. Find out how well your current website performs by visiting Google's Mobile-Friendly Test page.

Search engine statistics are available at

2. Create a content marketing plan.

The majority of B2B buyers read 13 pieces of branded content per month on a company's website.

Any business can increase its online presence, engage with customers, and establish trust by creating quality content. "Content" can refer to producing a variety of interesting materials, such as blogs, films, whitepapers, or social media posts. Each one significantly increases your chances of getting found online by presenting them on a variety of digital channels.

The kind of content you create and where you publish it will be specific to your company and target market. It must express the narrative and mission of your brand or succinctly convey the advantages and worth of your company. As many firms have done during the shutdown, this might also be a chance to monetize your knowledge and improve your primary product or service offering.

If you own a B2B company, keep in mind that 65% of B2B buyers consider your website to be one of the most crucial information distribution methods. To ensure that your content is personalized to your audiences, keep track of how it is performing using the insights supplied by your website and social media analytics.

B2B content marketing data are available at

3. Include video in your online presence plan.

In 2021, 86% of companies will utilize video as a marketing strategy.

Over the past five years, video marketing has gained popularity swiftly as more and more marketers from all sectors use the platform. This proved crucial for many businesses during COVID-19 as a way to interact with their clients in spite of physical limitations.

According to a Semrush survey from 2020, 41% of respondents cited video as their most effective content marketing tactic, while 61% complimented the use of recycled content. If you're just getting started with video, think about turning a dormant blog post into a video or finding a fresh method to highlight some of your products' features or benefits. is the source.

4. Create a community and emphasize your brand's mission 

78% of customers want brands to use social media to foster interpersonal connections.

Make sure your brand values come across clearly right now. It's crucial to communicate your brand story in a clear, consistent, and compelling manner across all of your content and online channels, with social media serving as a critical medium.

The key is to concentrate on the channels that are most suitable for your customer. For B2B clients, this would entail giving platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter top priority, while for others, it might entail investigating more recent ones like TikTok. Find creative ways to invite people into your virtual world because, as lockdown has demonstrated, it is possible to develop lasting relationships with your customers online.


5. Boost your credibility by maintaining current internet reviews

In 2020, 87% of consumers reported reading online reviews before to making a purchase, and 93% of consumers utilized the internet to find a local business.

One of the most effective techniques to draw customers has always been word of mouth. This strategy is applicable to online reviews in the digital age.

A fantastic strategy to build customer trust in your company is to display reviews on your website and ask for feedback on Google and social media sites like Facebook.

The website is the source.

6. Calculate return on investment (ROI) by establishing specific goals

Take the time to assess the ROI after employing a variety of online marketing platforms in order to create a strategy that is effective for your brand.

Online shopping can be economical in a number of ways. There are many free and inexpensive tools available, despite the fact that some platforms demand financial input, such as social media advertisements or hiring outside professionals to produce movies. While you build your website and social media networks, e-commerce and email marketing systems can help you sell your goods and services and boost SEO. Building virtual communities and connections will increase brand recognition, and video conferencing technologies like Zoom may enhance your online endeavors.

In order to better understand your consumers, their behavior, preferences, and how they interact with your business at every stage of the customer journey, many of these digital technologies will be able to provide data and analytics. Additionally, you may decide which internet strategies are most effective for your company, allowing you to focus budgets and resources much more precisely.

One of the biggest benefits of doing anything online is the vast amount of data you’ll be able to source. This can help you to understand your customers better, streamlining your service delivery and creating targeted and efficient marketing campaigns. You can also add to your customer data using services like Experian B2B Prospector to create B2B marketing lists that will allow you to reach the inboxes of those most likely to buy from you.

An optimistic outcome

The digital and cultural upheaval that was already sweeping the business sector has been hastened by the Covid-19 pandemic, creating new prospects.

Despite the numerous economic difficulties the pandemic has caused, there are now numerous chances for resilient, creative, and entrepreneurial firms to survive and flourish.

Building and managing your internet presence will be essential to seizing this one-of-a-kind chance for growth by expanding your consumer base, analyzing your data, and creating new revenue sources. The good news is that there are many affordable, accessible methods to accomplish so now more than ever, with the potential for a significant return on investment.



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