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All our CRM services are highly customized to allow an efficient business relationship to exist between you and your end-users

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CRM Development Solutions

Network Handlers ranks one of the best companies when it comes to creating a good CRM solution.

Our solutions are designed to make your customers more attentive to what you have to offer. What makes our solutions good s is that we design them with the goal of bettering the communication stream between your enterprise and it's end-users. It's also very important to us at Network Handlers to provide you with services that will help you in maintaining a key relationships with your customers.

We are experts in this field with over 17 years of hands-on experience in developing CRM systems of outstanding quality. Our systems are designed around to your business's most relevant needs. Let us use our vast industry knowledge by helping you with developing your CRM solution. Some of our services include CRM integration, migration and implementation. We will also help you with tech support, training and the maintenance and upgrading of your CRM systems.

CRM Development Solutions

CRM Development Services

We know what your development needs are. This is why we're able to offer services  to your business's unique technological demands. Our services at Network Handlers are aimed at solving current technical problems and making your company stand out from the rest. 

CRM development solutions

Our high-speed CRM system development products will enable you to access information about your customers at a much faster pace. Coming up with better sale strategies will be a lot smoother with our products.

CRM integration services

We have professional and highly skilled CRM developers to easily integrate CRM systems with any external application within their system from POS to ERP systems.  We use an API-led connectivity, where applications and data are exposed via the API allowing businesses to integrate their CRM easily.


CRM mobile applications

The CRM mobile application development services we have will enhance the quality of your CRM data. We can also create apps for various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones to name a few.

CRM migration solutions

We offer advanced CRM migration solutions that include services like CRM data migration, CRM to CRM migration and CRM porting.

CRM implementation

Every phase of our CRM service provision from development to implementation and beyond is important. That's why every phase is backed by quality development work and effective strategizing.

CRM Upgrades and Maintenance

Our maintenance team will always keep your CRM systems running smoothly. They will also ensure that your tech is regularly updated to keep your business moving with the times.

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Why should you choose Network Handlers?

What makes us the best option in the market goes beyond our knowledgeability, smarts, and tech-savvy. We know what it takes to bring a product from development to live and we.  

Timely delivery

We understand how important your time and money is. That's why we ensure that we deliver high-quality products, on-time and at an affordable price.

Appealing visuals

We understand how important your time and money is. That's why we ensure that we deliver high-quality products, on-time and at an affordable price.

We cover all industries

We have firsthand experience with developing solutions for businesses of various major industries.

Business upgrades

Advancements in technology are happening almost every day. We know how important it is for your business to keep up with these, be they chatbots, IoT or wearable tech to name a few.

Network Handlers’ development process

We strive to keep our technologies simple for you.

We've created our CRM development process to take you through each phase in an understandable manner.

This carefully designed process is another reason why you should choose us for development projects. Whether it's a development or optimization project, we'll work hard at providing the most effective solutions for your company's needs.

Who trusts us?

We have a global reputation that thrives on the results we give.


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