20 Sep, 2023

How to Boost Your Year-End Sales

The majority of professionals, like you, are rushing to close as many deals as they can to reach their yearly or quarterly sales targets as the end of the year draws near.
15 Sep, 2023

3 ways to embrace losing as a sales leader

As a sales leader, you can't just tell your staff that it's okay to lose. Simply conducting a post-mortem at a sales meeting is insufficient. You'll need to alter the way people view defeat. You must enjoy your defeat! You must take this to the utmost if there is even the slightest hint of a losing mentality in your sales culture. Here are three methods for beginning the procedure:
03 Oct, 2019

Hidden Truths To Online Sales

Using traffic increases, trending of keywords, social media followers and email subscribers are all well known forms of tracking metrics. However, a sales predictor of sales would be more effective.